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    "To create a place of belonging by selecting, preparing, and sharing coffee to transform communities."

    So, what does it mean to belong?

    To belong is really something special. It’s to feel welcomed, accepted, and known.

    In our world, imperfections are hidden by masks and filters. Pain is often medicated by a screen. People with the hardest of lives are often labeled as outcasts. Our stories and our humanity are encouraged to be kept hidden, making us feel alone.

    It is easy to see just how rare it is to have a place of belonging. A place where you can just be.

    It is our deepest joy to create this place in the lives of our guests. And over time, we believe that communities will come together and ask not where they can belong, but where they can create belonging for others. That together we would stand in the gap for those who are marginalized. What a better way to care for someone than over coffee?


    Bella Goose means ‘Beautiful Lead’. Geese have been studied for years by scientists for their teamwork, loyalty, and leadership. At Bella Goose we strive to be a part of inspiring beautiful leaders in our world.